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Bosch IoT Suite support

We are happy to help

Whether you are exploring the Bosch IoT Suite, developing your first IoT prototype solution, or running a commercial or industrial IoT application with our cloud services – we are there for you whenever you need support!

You are a customer of the Bosch IoT Suite and need support?

As a customer of the Bosch IoT Suite you have free access to our support system. There you can raise tickets to ask questions and report issues. We will do all we can to solve them as quickly as possible.

All subscribers of a paid service plan receive an email with their login information for the support system. Send us an email if you didn’t receive it.

Have technical questions about the Bosch IoT Suite?

If you are exploring the potential of the Bosch IoT Suite and come up with any technical questions, our support team is happy to help. Feedback concerning our product is also highly appreciated.

Our support plans

We offer a basic support package for subscribers of paid service plans. Free plans include community-based support.

Have non-technical questions about the Bosch IoT Suite?

If you have general questions (billing, registration process, etc.) or want to discuss your IoT project with our sales team, please fill out our contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Want to discover & share experiences with the Bosch IoT Suite?

Get tips & tricks on how to leverage our cloud services for your IoT applications. Join the following developer communities to learn more about the Bosch IoT Suite.

Want to check out our free support resources?

Get started with the Bosch IoT Suite: We tell you how to solve specific challenges that might arise during IoT development in our tutorials. Consult the detailed documentation for a deep dive into each Bosch IoT Suite service and check out our FAQs.