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Managed inventory of digital twins for IoT device assets

Structuring and abstracting things for your application

What is Bosch IoT Things?

Bosch IoT Things enables applications to manage digital twins of IoT device assets in a simple, convenient, robust, and secure way. Based on the digital twin approach, applications can store and update the data, properties, and relationships of their assets and be notified of all relevant changes. The digital twins of your tools, cars, sensors, and other web-enabled things are subsequently able to interact with one another. You can also enrich your digital twins with further capabilities based on the information or functionality provided by additional systems.

Devices integrate with their digital twins using the Bosch IoT Hub or other device connectivity technologies. Various layers of your application or permitted 3rd-party applications can interact with the digital twins using HTTP JSON APIs or a connection-based integration via WebSocket, AMQP, and MQTT.

Architecture of Bosch IoT Things.

Key features of Bosch IoT Things

  • Digital twin management: Register, read, and update your things via our open APIs.
  • Find your things: Using a powerful search index, you can query your things according to their dynamic properties or static attributes.
  • Control access: Apply fine-grained policies to allow authorized users and applications to interact with your digital twins or even with the physical devices they represent.
  • Related Bosch IoT Suite services: Telemetry and command & control use cases can be realized in combination with the Bosch IoT Hub. Bosch IoT Insights provides a graphical overview of the current status and relationships of your digital twins.
  • Open source foundation: Bosch IoT Things is based on and powered by the open source project Eclipse Ditto.
  • Available on: Bosch IoT Things is available as a fully managed cloud service in the Bosch IoT Cloud, Amazon Web Services and on Microsoft Azure.

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Things is available as a free plan for evaluation purposes, a starter plan for smaller, entry-level scenarios, and as a standard plan that supports pay-as-you-grow scenarios.

Monthly subscription Free
Things: Manage digital twins for your IoT assets
Features: Structure the features of your things
Search: Find every thing
Messages: Talk with your things
Subscriptions: Listen to things
Dashboard: Get started and stay organized
Policies: Apply fine-grained access control for users, roles, groups, and applications
Included transactions (API-calls/messages) per month 100,000 500,000 10,000,000
Included managed data volume 0.5 MB 1 MB 50 MB
Additional capacity with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ pricing
Included support plan Community-based support Standard support Standard support
Premium support (optional) Contact us
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Configure and estimate the costs of Bosch IoT Things for your specific scenarios.

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