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Manage and control software and firmware updates for IoT devices

Reliable and scalable IoT software provisioning system

What is Bosch IoT Rollouts?

Bosch IoT Rollouts provides a secure, reliable means of handling software rollout processes involving a large number of devices. This domain-independent back-end solution supports the rollout of software updates to constrained edge devices as well as to more powerful controllers and gateways. Devices can be connected to the Rollouts server either directly or indirectly through a device management server. In addition, the service includes a powerful campaign management system to support large-scale rollouts. This way, Bosch IoT Rollouts supports the following IoT scenarios:

  • Direct software update for smaller scenarios
    • Provisioning is fully managed by the Bosch IoT Rollouts server
    • Direct device integration possible, i.e. no extra device management required
    • Rule-based provisioning to newly registered devices
    • Direct deployment through the user interface or external rollout management by an IoT application via APIs
  • Large-scale rollout/campaign management through a managed rollout flow
    • Definition of groups of provisioning targets
    • Time- or trigger-based bulk assignment of updates to each group
    • Detailed logistics of a planned rollout
Architecture of Bosch IoT Rollouts.

Key features of Bosch IoT Rollouts

  • Device connectivity: Devices can be connected to the service either directly through an optimized interface or indirectly through federated device management servers.
  • Device and software repository: Repository that holds the provisioning targets and assignable software distributions, including a full software update history for every device.
  • Artifact content delivery: Ship the artifacts directly to the device or via content delivery network providers.
  • Software update and rollout management: Handling of large volumes of devices at rollout creation time with flexible deployment group definitions and monitoring of the rollout progress.
  • Reporting and monitoring: Reporting, audit logging & rollout monitoring to keep track of the update’s rollout and ensure security.
  • Domain independence: The feature set of Bosch IoT Rollouts is independent from specific use cases in different domains.
  • Bosch IoT Suite integration: Bosch IoT Rollouts can be used in combination with the Bosch IoT Remote Manager for leveraging the device management protocols Bosch IoT Messaging or OMA-DM protocol.
  • Open source foundation: Fully API-compatible to Eclipse hawkBit™, leading to the highest possible avoidance of vendor lock-in and benefits gained through IoT community-driven software.
  • Available on: Bosch IoT Rollouts is available as a fully managed, shared service on Bosch IoT Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Rollouts is available as a free plan for evaluation scenarios, a starter plan for smaller entry-level scenarios and a standard plan that also supports pay-as-you-grow scenarios.

Monthly Subscription Free
Device and software repository
Management UI/Console
Artifact content delivery
Rollout/Campaign management
Management API (Interface)
Direct device integration API (Interface)
Device management federation API (Interface)
Included devices 50 1,000 10,000
Included artifact storage 0.5 GB 1 GB 10 GB
Included data transfer (artifact download) 1 GB 15 GB 150 GB
Additional capacity with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ pricing
Included support plan Community-based support Standard support Standard support
Premium support (optional) Contact us
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Configure and estimate the costs of Bosch IoT Rollouts for your specific scenarios.

Domains that benefit from IoT software updates

  • Automotive: In the past, software updates were provisioned manually at car workshops. By contrast, the cloud solution not only provides onboard connectivity in cars, it also manages direct, automatic software updates over the air.
  • Manufacturing: IoT gateways in production environments and embedded software in machines can be updated via a software provisioning service, eliminating the need to carry out a manual update. A cloud-based campaign management solution also enables updates to be timed according to shift and production schedules, for example.
  • Energy: Energy solution providers are increasingly using software update tools and services to better manage the millions of households that are now connected to smart meter systems.
  • Consumer Goods: The cloud solution enables embedded software updates of consumer goods such as electronic devices, home appliances, e-bikes, car multimedia and much more.
  • Connected Buildings: Management and control of software updates for security-relevant equipment such as security cameras.
  • Agriculture: Regular software updates for sensors, gateways, and controllers used in IoT solutions for the agricultural sector.

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