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The easy way to manage your IoT device data

Highly secure, cloud-based infrastructure for data storage

What is Bosch IoT Insights?

Bosch IoT Insights is a fully managed cloud service that collects, processes, and stores your IoT data for further analysis. IoT data management provides the basis for optimizing devices and functions and developing new services and solutions.

You can use this service to process data generated by any device. The data you send to the cloud is first stored in a raw format. To ensure seamless integration of your data, Bosch IoT Insights offers a standard HTTPS API and an automotive-specific API. You can also ingest your data via the Bosch IoT Gateway Software or the Bosch IoT Remote Manager.

Once stored, the service enables you to decode, normalize, enrich, and clean your data. In a next step, you can query your data using NoSQL/MongoDB databases and visualize it using standard and user-defined dashboards. In addition, Bosch IoT Insights also features interfaces to common third-party data-analytics tools such as Matlab, Excel, and Tableau.

Graphic of data processing in Bosch IoT Insights

Key features of Bosch IoT Insights

  • Data collection: Seamlessly ingest your data via a standard HTTPS API, an automotive-specific API, the Bosch IoT Gateway Software or the Bosch IoT Remote Manager. Send your data to Bosch IoT Insights via direct networking, offline transmission of data packets, encrypted channels or raw data storage.
  • Data processing: Make binary data readable with a data processor using various industry-wide description standards such as ODX, Fibex, A2L and DBC. Bring together different data sources and set up uniform structures. Eliminate duplicate, incomplete, inconsistent, and corrupted data.
  • Data storage: Store raw and processed data in a highly secure, cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Data visualization: Get an overview of your data through a graphical user interface. Use the filter function of our REST-API to search for specific data, set up situation-based SMS or e-mail notifications and export the data in various formats, including JSON and CSV.
  • User management: Create, change and view user accounts. Each access is encrypted and authenticated.
  • Related Bosch IoT Suite services: Integration is enabled via the Bosch IoT Remote Manager and the Bosch IoT Gateway Software. This provides wide-ranging device connectivity (e.g. HTTPS and MQTT) and diverse functionality (e.g. encryption, device configuration, and device management). There is also an interface to Bosch IoT Things, which provides an overview of the status of your devices and components as well as their relationships.
  • Available on: Bosch IoT Insights is available as a fully managed cloud service hosted in the Bosch IoT Cloud. Users can also subscribe to the service via the AWS Marketplace.
Graphic of the Bosch IoT Insights architecture

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Insights is available as a free plan for evaluation purposes, a starter plan for smaller, entry-level scenarios and a standard plan for solutions involving a large number of connected devices. Both the starter and the standard plan support pay-as-you-grow scenarios.

Monthly Subscription Free
Configurable dashboard
Data ingestion
Data processing
Master data management
Decoding (DBC, A2L, Fibex) With support of service team
Included capacity
Storage (MB) 10 100 1000
Devices 10 1000 5000
Additional capacity with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ pricing
Included support plan Community-based support Basic support Basic support
Premium support (optional) Contact us
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Customer references

HOLMER Maschinenbau

HOLMER uses the Bosch IoT Suite to gain valuable insights into its agricultural IoT data.


Move_UK is using Bosch IoT Insights to provide intelligent management of vehicle data.

Connected validation

Bosch IoT Insights provides the basis for the new connected braking system from Bosch.
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