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Connectivity and intelligence at the edge of IoT

OSGi-based software for connecting diverse IoT devices

What is Bosch IoT Gateway Software?

Bosch IoT Gateway Software is a platform-independent, edge-computing middleware that can be deployed on more than 40 types of gateway devices. It runs on common operating systems such as Linux, Windows, mac OS, and VxWorks. Bosch IoT Gateway Software is based on Java and the OSGi modular framework, which enables software to be installed and updated on the fly.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software provides out-of-the-box support for most connectivity protocols. You can connect almost any asset, device, or thing – from any vendor or vintage. The powerful local abstractions make it possible to model data, devices and services on the edge in a uniform way. This enables data normalization and unified access to connected devices and their data. In this way, Bosch IoT Gateway Software helps make things web-enabled from end-to-end by supporting remote installation, updating, uninstallation, configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics – all on the fly.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software’s rich set of open APIs and development tools make it easy to develop and operate local applications on the gateway, providing autonomy and intelligence at the edge – even without an internet connection.

Architecture graphic of the Bosch IoT Gateway Software.

Key features of Bosch IoT Gateway Software

  • Device connectivity protocols: Out-of-the-box support for predominant IoT protocols such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, KNX, UPnP, Bluetooth LE, DECT ULE, ONVIF, HomeConnect, Modbus, EEBus SHIP, EEBus SPINE, BACnet.
  • Modelling data and resources: Uniform modelling of connected devices and their functions, historical data as well as cloud or local services. This enables unified access to edge resources and data for local and remote applications.
  • Device abstraction and local digital twins: Bosch IoT Gateway Software’s powerful device abstraction layer offers a unified interface for applications to devices – regardless of the device type or connectivity protocol. As part of the abstraction, the digital twin concept supported at the edge enables local access and control of connected devices and their data without any delay and without the necessity of internet connection.
  • Rules engine: Allows automatic execution of predefined business rules to monitor and control various aspects of the gateway runtime including controlling connected devices and acting upon device data.
  • Local data storage: Allows data to be stored on the gateway without requiring connectivity with the cloud. Choose between relational database storage based on SQLLite or storage of normalized historical data collected at the gateway. Optionally, you can add your own storage types.
  • Security at the edge: Ensures privacy and security of your IoT application via different measures: configuration of permissions and security policies, secure communication with the gateway runtime environment via TLS and data encryption, certificate management and integration with third-party key management services, public key infrastructures, and hardware security modules.
  • Intelligent local diagnostics: An intelligent native watchdog agent constantly monitors the health of the gateway runtime environment, detects faults, and executes actions such as “reboot,” “restart,” or “initiate a factory reset.” Additionally, Bosch IoT Gateway Software provides options to back up and recover user data on a periodic basis or on request.
  • Remote management and update: Remote management agents based on Gateway Software Protocol enable different remote device management operations on the edge: initial provisioning, configuration of network settings, management of certificates, configuration of permissions, installation and update of software components and applications, configuration of software components and applications settings, etc.
  • Open APIs for application development: Rich local APIs (Java, OSGi) and remote APIs (REST, Websockets, JSON-RPC) based on industry standards and open specifications allow the development of various local and remote applications.
  • Platform independence: Hardware-, JVM- and OS-independent, optimized for use in embedded edge platforms such as gateways and hub devices. Runs on more than 40 different types of gateway and is ported and optimized for many JVMs, operating systems and hardware configurations.
  • Modular approach and dynamic framework: Modular OSGi architecture offers flexible configuration of the modules and components included in the runtime image, depending on the features required by each concrete deployment.
  • Related Bosch IoT Suite services: You can combine the Bosch IoT Gateway Software with the Bosch IoT Remote Manager, the Bosch IoT Hub, Bosch IoT Things, and Bosch IoT Rollouts. For data management and analytics, Bosch IoT Insights and Bosch IoT Analytics are a perfect match.
  • Tooling based on the Eclipse IDE: Bosch IoT Gateway SDK offers powerful tools for customizing and tailoring Bosch IoT Gateway Software runtime images for various edge platforms and use cases. In addition, you can develop, deploy, test and profile local OSGi-based applications running on the gateway. IoT application developers also benefit from pre-defined image descriptors for common edge-computing use cases.

Free trial

We are happy to provide you with a free trial license for our Bosch IoT Gateway Software.

Free trial

Customer references

Hager Group

Hager uses the Bosch IoT Gateway Software to smoothen the process of electric vehicle charging.


EnBW/SMIGHT leverages the Bosch IoT Gateway Software for its IoT platform.

QIVICON platform for smart home

Deutsche Telekom’s smart home platform QIVICON relies on the Bosch IoT Gateway Software for device connectivity.
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