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 Bosch IoT Suite for Software Updates

Update IoT devices via powerful device management protocols

Pre-configured service package comprising Bosch IoT Rollouts and
Bosch IoT Remote Manager

What is Bosch IoT Suite for Software Updates?

The ability to update software (components) on constrained edge devices as well as on more powerful controllers and gateways is a common requirement in most IoT scenarios. On one hand, it allows security mechanisms to be kept up to date and, on the other hand, it allows feature extensions to be added to products that are already out in the field.

Bosch IoT Suite for Software Updates enables engineers and device administrators to address device management use cases with a strong focus on managing and deploying software updates. It integrates Bosch IoT Rollouts with Bosch IoT Remote Manager in a pre-configured package that provides functions for managing and updating IoT devices via complex device management protocols.

Architecture of the Bosch IoT Suite for Software Updates service package.

Key features

  • Device connectivity: Devices connect to the service either directly through a lightweight http-based interface or via the device management protocols OMA-DM and IoT Messaging.
  • Remote device management: Enables users to perform all common device management tasks, i.e., schedule mass changes, see the status, modify configurations, and observe the state of devices.
  • Device and software repository: Repository that holds the provisioning targets and software distributions including a full software update history of every device.
  • Artifact content delivery: Shipping artifacts directly or via a worldwide content delivery network to devices.
  • Single software updates and campaign management: Easy definition of campaigns for large groups of devices.
  • Reporting and monitoring: Reporting, audit logging, and rollout monitoring to keep track of campaigns.
  • Pre-configured: Persistent connection between Bosch IoT Remote Manager and Bosch IoT Rollouts. Thus, solution developers do not have to configure the Bosch IoT Suite services provided with this service package individually.
  • Open source foundation: Bosch IoT Suite for Software Updates is based on and powered by the Eclipse hawkBit™ open source project.
  • Related Bosch IoT Suite services: Bosch IoT Suite for Software Updates comprises Bosch IoT Remote Manager and Bosch IoT Rollouts.
  • Available on: Bosch IoT Suite for Software Updates runs on Amazon Web Services in a beta version for evaluation purposes.

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Suite for Software Updates is currently available as a free plan for evaluation purposes (beta version).

Monthly Subscription Free
Starter Standard
All features of Bosch IoT Rollouts
All features of Bosch IoT Remote Manager
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