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CISS – Connected Industrial Sensor Solution

Manufacturer: Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions

CISS is a multi-sensor device based on MEMS technology. It is capable of detecting acceleration and vibration as well as a variety of ambient conditions. With its robust housing and compact dimensions, CISS is ideal for Industry 4.0 applications.

CISS is equipped with the following sensors: an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, microphone, and light sensor.

Depending on individual requirements, the CISS allows to activate or deactivate sensors. In addition, it is possible to configure sampling rates as well as thresholds, thereby opening up a wide field of industrial applications.

CISS can be fitted either as original equipment in new machines, machine modules and plant, or as a retrofit solution in order to upgrade existing machines, machine modules, and plant.

CISS can be used to monitor the condition of machines, machine modules, and plants while in operation.

It is suitable for both temporary and permanent monitoring and will indicate when current conditions deviate from target conditions.

CISS provides early detection and localization of issues in need of attention and also facilitates further development and refinement of solutions in the area of predictive and remote maintenance. Such solutions boost efficiency by reducing unscheduled downtime, limiting the production of rejects, and cutting the time spent on problem analysis, maintenance, and repair.

This sensor device is a forerunner of its kind and will lead to a great positioning in the future market of the IoT.

Bluetooth LE, USB

Commercial state
Commercially usable

Acceleration, Acoustics, Gyroscope, Humidity, Light, Magnetic strength, Pressure, Temperature

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