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Getting started with the Bosch IoT Suite

Start developing your IoT application


Getting started

Get a first impression of what is necessary to develop your own IoT solution. Follow step-by-step Getting Started Guides for each service and package of the IoT Suite.

Get started with Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management

Learn how to quickly implement device management use cases with the Bosch IoT Suite.

Get started with Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication

Learn how to use the Bosch IoT Suite for telemetry and command & control use cases.

Get started with the Bosch IoT Edge

Learn how to connect devices to the cloud and enable edge services on them.

Get started with Bosch IoT Insights

Learn how to build up a sustainable process and environment for collecting and using field data.

Get started with the Bosch IoT Remote Manager

Learn how to remotely provision, monitor, and manage your IoT device fleets.



Start with use case based step-by-step explanations. You will get an idea of how to develop your own solution. The tutorials are lively examples to take the next steps.

Subscribe to a Bosch IoT Suite service

Learn where to inform about the Bosch IoT Suite services and how to subscribe to one of them.

Connect a simple device to the Bosch IoT Suite

Learn how to create an ESP8266-based device prototype and how to connect it to the Bosch IoT Suite services in the cloud.

Cross-Domain Development Kit (XDK) Cloud Connectivity 

Connect your Cross-Domain Development Kit (XDK) to the Bosch IoT Suite.


IoT Academy

Want to become a specialist for IoT solutions? Then take our courses to learn from experts. The Bosch IoT Academy offers training sessions on the Internet of Things and related fields.

Introduction to the Bosch IoT Suite

Get an overview of the Bosch IoT Suite and the interaction between the individual services.

Developing solutions with the Bosch IoT Suite

Gain a better understanding of our services and develop several small microservices based on the Bosch IoT Suite APIs.

Bosch IoT Edge for IoT developers

Learn how to build gateway-based IoT applications efficiently.

IoT product security

Get to know the basics in cryptography and network technology as well as the capabilities and limitations of secure IoT system configuration.

Hardware prototyping for IoT developers

Build your own device and experience different hardware products in a real-life IoT scenario.

XDK embedded development

Get to know the freeRTOS operating system and the XDK Workbench to efficiently develop and debug custom XDK applications.

Cloud development basics

Get to know the Twelve-Factor App and its impact on development processes.

Microservices, web API design and implementation

Deepen your cloud development knowledge focusing on Web API Design and microservice architecture.

DevOps tooling in practice

Explore different processes and tools to find the right technology stack for your use case.

Performance testing of IoT applications

Let’s discuss the fundamental aspects of planning, execution and analysis of performance tests.