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Bosch IoT Things

Get answers to frequently asked questions

Bosch IoT Things is offered on the Bosch IoT Cloud (BIC) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Depending on which type of subscription you have, the technical endpoints will differ.

Bosch IoT Cloud (BIC)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Bosch IoT Things supports cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for some whitelisted hosts.

You can benefit from this mechanism by enabling client-side cross-origin requests. If your Web application is hosted on one of those whitelisted hosts, you can use the Bosch IoT Things HTTP API (i.e. our REST-like resources) directly from your Web UI without the need for a proxy mechanism on your back end.

The following example shows how your application could fetch cross-origin resources from the Things service.
The user dialog would require authentication and then list all Things, which the specific user is allowed to see.

Whitelisted hosts:
Currently we have whitelisted “well-known” hosts from our perspective, e.g. *
On demand, we could of course enlarge the trusted circle. In case of interest, please let us know which domain you need whitelisted.

The managed data volume for a Bosch IoT Things service instance is different per plan.

In case of a Free plan, the data volume is limited to 0.5 MB (see Pricing & Conditions).

Thus, you have various options:

  • Keep your free service instance, and delete entities you do not need any longer before creating more things.
    Delete requests should not run into the same failure message.
  • Request an “upgrade” to one of the paid service plans.

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