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Bosch IoT Gateway Software

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Bosch IoT Gateway Software is a Java-based, hardware-independent solution that can be deployed on more than 40 types of gateway device. It runs on all common operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and VxWorks and supports many JVMs out-of-the-box. More information can be found in the product documentation.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software supports a rich set of wired and wireless protocols.

The following protocols are supported:

Z-Wave, Zigbee, KNX, DECT ULE, ONVIF, Bluetooth LE, EEBus SPINE, EEBus SHIP, HomeConnect, Modbus, UPnP, BACnet, SNMP*, PROFINET*, wMBus*, EnOcean*, OPC UA*, LoRa*, Siemens S7*. The Bosch IoT Gateway Software also allows to connect IP Cameras.

* Protocol provided on request

A powerful device abstraction layer and local digital twin concept allow uniform access to many different types of device. Moreover, Bosch IoT Gateway Software’s future-proof modular architecture allows pluggability and easy extension with support for new devices speaking different protocols.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software provides the possibility to model different types of resources and data available on the edge using common abstraction layers or functional items. This abstraction function forms the basis for data normalization.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software also supports the deployment of new components and applications. This is particularly useful when developing different types of data normalization logic.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software provides several means of data storage at the edge:

  1. We provide out-of-the-box storage based on SQLLite.
  2. Storage of normalized historical data originating from edge resources and devices (v 9.1).
  3. Extensible options to add your own storage.

For solutions where you need cloud computing, you can opt to forward data from the gateway to the Bosch IoT Insights service.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software offers a rule engine for automatic execution of predefined rules.

Rules typically take the following form:

  • ON – something happens (window state changed)
  • IF – conditions are satisfied (window.state == open state)
  • THEN – do the task (light.state = off)

Bosch IoT Gateway Software provides remote management through the Gateway Software Protocol (our own highly optimized, low-bandwidth protocol). It is also technically possible to add your own device management protocols, if so desired.

Using Bosch IoT Remote Manager, it is possible to remotely carry out different device management operations on the edge. These include initial provisioning, configuration of network settings, management of certificates, configuration of permissions, installation and update of software components and applications, configuration of software components and applications settings.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software allows data to be stored and processed locally, as well as allowing components and applications to be deployed and executed on the gateway. This way, the IoT solution stays up and running even if the connection to the cloud is interrupted, unreliable or lost. Depending on the requirements (e.g. privacy reasons), raw or aggregated data stored on the gateway will only be synchronized with the cloud at defined intervals (e.g. hourly or once per day).

Bosch IoT Gateway Software provides various security & privacy functionalities:

  • It supports the OSGi Security Layer specification, thus permitting the configuration of permissions for components and applications based on location, signer or other custom conditions. Additionally, Bosch IoT Gateway Software provides the proprietary Policy Admin service, which simplifies the management and creation of security policies at the gateway. Support for secure communication to the IoT gateway runtime environment from the outside world is provided through TLS data encryption.
  • Certificate management functions, e.g. revoke and update, can be implemented in conjunction with Bosch IoT Remote Manager.
  • For advanced security solutions, Bosch IoT Gateway Software can also be integrated with a third-party key management service, public key infrastructure, or hardware security module.
  • It is possible to define which data is sent to the cloud by means of configuration settings in the agents that provide communication with Bosch IoT Hub and Bosch IoT Remote Manager.

Bosch IoT Gateway Software interacts with other Bosch IoT Suite cloud services via the Bosch IoT Hub, using the Bosch IoT Messaging Protocol. This allows the Gateway agent to handle all device management, data acquisition, ingestion and gateway operations using a single protocol.

The APIs exposed on Bosch IoT Gateway Software are well synchronized with those in the cloud. The REST APIs for device data on the gateway are identical with the REST APIs used by the Bosch IoT Remote Manager.

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